Engaging Cultivate is a collection of video courses and workshops featuring Jonathan and Melissa Helser and the leaders of the Cageless Birds community. Here, we explore the tools, prompts, and practices taught in our discipleship schools and shared throughout the volumes of Cultivate. Our passion is to create resources that help you commune with God and find Him in your everyday life. No matter who you are or where you’re from, if you have a desire to do the rewarding work of tending to and stewarding your heart, Engaging Cultivate is for you.

Visual Journaling: The Fundamentals is our NEW 6-part video workshop led by the Cageless Birds Creative Director, Justina Stevens. Visual Journaling is a pathway of connection where instead of journaling with words, you use visual forms of expression (such as painting, drawing, etc.) to record your life and commune with God. You are worth risking creativity.

The Honesty Tool is a powerful and practical resource designed to help you process your life with the Lord and give understanding to what's really going on in moments of tension. This is the tool that Jonathan and Melissa Helser have taught at their schools for the last decade. Connecting to our hearts and processing with the Lord are key components to living wholeheartedly.

Engaging Sound is a workshop designed to help you build connection with God through instrumental music. This workshop is filled with teaching, practical tools and personal stories from Jonathan and Melissa Helser, Molly Skaggs and Joel Case. Whether or not you consider yourself to be a "musical" person, we believe God delights in how easy it is for us to enjoy Him through sound.


Cultivate  is a book designed to help you tend the rich soil of your heart. It is an invitation to discover the beautiful process of growth that happens when we partner with the Father.  This book is full of honest prompts, writings and poetry from our community’s process with the Lord. Our dream is that each volume would serve as a tool to help you cultivate your relationship with the Father and empower you to enjoy the process.  Your heart is worth the work.


The Cageless Birds is a missional community and group of artisans founded by Jonathan and Melissa Helser. We live and work on 52 acres of land located in Sophia, North Carolina. Our ministry is dedicated to seeing hearts liberated by the love of God. We host worship gatherings and lead discipleship schools, retreats and camps for all ages known as the 18 Inch Journey.  Our dream is to see sons and daughters of God walking in confidence and connection with the Holy Spirit in every part of their daily lives.


These courses are online. We created our Engaging Cultivate Online workshops to empower and give resources to people who aren’t able to come to our schools, camps or retreats in person.

Each Engaging Cultivate course begins when you purchase access to a workshop series and log in. Once you log in, you have permanent access to the series, so you can keep coming back to it as often as you like.

Engaging Cultivate is for anyone with a genuine desire to do the work it takes to grow. You do not have to own a CULTIVATE book to do this course. No matter who you are or where you are, if you have a desire to do the rewarding work of tending to your heart, Engaging Cultivate is for you.

Our Engaging Cultivate courses do not expire! Once you purchase an Engaging Cultivate course, you’ll have permanent access.

Cultivate is an interactive devotional book series from our Cageless Birds community and friends. Each volume features articles and poetry, prompts and tools, photography and illustrations, intentionally crafted to empower you to initiate honest conversations with the Lord. To learn more about Cultivate, check out shop.cagelessbirds.com.

No, each course is a separate enrollment. Engaging Sound and The Honesty Tool are just the beginning of our Engaging Cultivate Workshops. We will continue launching new courses and tools over time, and each course is a separate purchase.

Each of our Engaging Cultivate courses can be used as a standalone course. While all of these courses are connected to prompts and tools found in our Cultivate series, any written or referenced content will be provided as a download. You do not have to purchase a copy of the book in order to purchase or utilize a course.

The Engaging Cultivate series offers a deeper dive into the material presented in our Cultivate volumes. Additionally, much of the content taught in these courses connects to tools and resources we use in our 18 Inch Journey discipleship schools and retreats. Here, our staff and Cultivate authors give more insight into their pieces and are able to teach the tools in depth. In addition, some of our workshops offer supplemental content that can only be found in our Engaging Cultivate courses.